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Looking west down a still intact version of the original Route 66 outside Seligman Arizona. Much of this particular location and landscape was the inspitaration and backdrop for the classic Disney movie Cars.


This is a unique one of a kind piece using an experimental print technique similar to the classic Polaroid emulsion lifts of the 1970's. The piece started on film as an Ilford SFX hybrid infrared exposure. The photographic image is chemically "lifted",  transfered in a gelatinous state and adhered directly to the glass of an antique wooden casement window. The glass is original and may exhibit small abberations of early window manufacturing process.


Dimensions are 32" Wide 24 Inches tall and 1.75" deep. Can be directly hung to wall with incorporated wire hanger.


I will hand deliver any of my artwork if your are located on the western slope of Colorado. Otherwise shipping is available.

"Route 66 Dream" Mixed Media on AntiqueWindow

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